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 In a true blockchain network, every company IN THE NETWORK MUST use its preferred infrastructure

Ephycent is the only free solution which enables every single company in a blockchain network to choose their own infrastructure provider when deploying and managing their Hyperledger Fabric network, on any Cloud or on-premises environment.


Download and install Ephycent in your environment to deploy and manage your blockchain network or organization in a few clicks using our intuitive and rich UI. We handle the technical complexity so you can focus on the best business outcome.

 BYOI - BRING YOUR OWN Infrastructure

True decentralization is only achieved when every participating organization in a network can choose its own infrastructure.

Ephycent supports any Cloud provider and also on-premises deployments. Yes, any. We are the only one that allows you to use your own preferred infrastructure with no intermediaries. 

Blockchain & Kubernetes, Technically the best marriage IN DEVOPS

If BYOI wasn’t enough, we also deploy the latest Hyperledger Fabric Version in a fully Kubernetes-managed environment, resulting in high availability and scalability.

Production blockchain networks require a container orchestrator so all the different parties among a diverse mix of infrastructure providers are always up and running seamlessly. We chose Kubernetes because of its stability with Hyperledger Fabric 2.


Additionally, Ephycent also connects to any Kubernetes Management Services (KMS) provider, offers our proprietary KMS for on-premises deployments and automatically creates Kubernetes clusters on the major Cloud providers. Everything to make your life easier!

Therefore, only basic knowledge of Kubernetes is necessary to take advantage of these amazing technologies combined.



Although there are hundreds of enterprise (non-crypto) blockchain platforms being used all over the globe, Hyperledger Fabric is being currently used in more than half of all projects. Besides, it is supported by Linux Foundation and sponsored by all the major companies in the world, and it is the most flexible and mature Enterprise Blockchain Platform. 

​Hyperledger Fabric is used in 48% of all global projects, and 30 of the "Forbes Blockchain 50" companies use it.

We strongly support Hyperledger Fabric, and more specifically, the newest version 2, which brings unique enhancements that include better governance, stability and throughput, as well as many new features such as tokenization.

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